Put Your Hunting Skills to the Test

We offer high-fence hunting in Bivins, TX

If you're a hunter, you probably love the thrill of the chase. Following your target and putting it in your sights is a feeling that nothing else beats. That's why the staff at Boggy Creek Outfitters has created a space for you to stalk your prey and hit your mark. We offer high-fence hunting tours in Bivins, TX.

You'll find a variety of wild animals in our 40-acre hunting enclosure that you can target from the stands. Contact us today to learn more about our high-fence hunting option.

Join us for hog hunting

Hog hunting is a surprisingly dangerous type of hunt. Many hunters opt for hog hunts because the animal is so intelligent and fierce that it makes the pursuit much more challenging. If you're feeling up for the thrill, visit us for a hog hunt in our high-fence enclosure. You can rent one of our guns or bring your own.

Come to Boggy Creek Outfitters for high-fence hunting in Bivins, TX. Call 903-826-5338 today to reserve your spot.